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Greece Luxury Holidays

Greek holidays from Luxury Travel Gurus offer you enchanting islands, glorious weather and fascinating culture await you. A country that’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, you’re sure to find your perfect break. Let us take care of the details of your trip so you can concentrate on relaxing and having a good time. Greece is a great place to go if you love to explore. Drenched as much in history as it is in sunshine, there’s a stunning array of ancient sites to discover across the country.

Mainland Greece is home to the capital city of Athens, large, very busy city and home to a third of the Greek population.

Overflowing with museums and famous ancient sites such as the most important building on the Acropolis the Parthenon sitting majestically overlooking the city. It was the temple built for Athena Parthenos, the patron goddess of the city.

The Peloponnese is known as the cradle of all that is mythical;and allegedly where the gods, goddesses and creatures of Ancient Greece were conceived. Also on the mainland, head to Halkidiki, Greece's 'trident', for a taste of the country's rural identity.

We also have amazing accommodation in some of the lesser known Greek islands such as Syros,Koufonosia,Amorgos, Andros, Tinos,Ikaria to name but a few, so for totally undiscoverd Greece, please do not hesitate to contact our Luxury Travel Gurus!